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Beautiful Interior


I’ve been working on the interior of a 1950’s mid-century ranch for over 4 months. It just came together within the last few weeks as the majority of furniture was delivered and installed. The Lee sofas were upholstered in this cozy and brilliant orange textile from The Whole Nine Yards, the down pillows and upholstery are from there as well. I love the fabric combination and how it compliments the tone of the mahogany wall. Both the coffee and side table are Mitchell Gold Bob Williams finds and the shetland wool carpet, that is SO soft!, is Hibernia from Ecohaus. A few other great sources for this project were Lake Grove Upholstery in Sellwood, Bedford Brown and Janus Home on Grand. Both the 3 legged chairs and the Paul Tuttle table for Baker are from Janus Home, Jeremy, the owner, is an excellent source for mid-century furniture and expertise.


I’m now on the hunt for an amazing wall sculpture and have spent countless hours on both 1st dibs and ebay. I’ve also been to every junk, vintage and mid-century store in Portland and feel like I could be a mid-century sculpture expert! Portland Modern on N.W. 21st has some great Jere wall sculptures but not a perfect fit for this interior. I’m still on the hunt so stay tuned. Enjoy!


Space Design Valentine Botanical Bar




We had a great turn out yesterday at Space Designs Valentine terrarium and orchid planting event yesterday. Mikola, my budding photographer daughter,worked as my assistant  and took these beautiful photos of the studio. She used a macro lense to capture the beauty of a red gerbera daisy and green spring tulips. Enjoy!


Nostrana Flowers

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Jumbo Terrarium Globes


I’ve been having a blast working with these 18” glass globes. They’re the biggest i’ve ever seen and when I found them through my wholesaler, I purchased all that were available! It’s hard to see from this photo but the tillandsia that’s inside the globe is actually more than 18” in diameter. I soaked it for more than an hour to get it pliable enough to fit through the opening. Shown is an orchid arrangement at 3 Doors Down and a vignette at The Ace Hotel. Also shown is a simple bouquet in the entry at Fenouil. I love the color combination of the orchid and the flat leafed willow. Enjoy!dscn03721


I’ve been hunting for the perfect mid century floor lamps for a client and stumbled across this amazing furniture company based out of New York called BDDW. Check out the Nixie table clock and the Tripod floor lamp, both are favorites that I’m coveting at the moment. Enjoy!

Tropical Winter Wonderland


frozen-bamboo1This is sort of the yin and yang of my last few weeks….. Bitter cold outside and tropical beauty inside. Below are a few examples of custom holiday arrangements and orders that kept me busy during our 1st round of snow and ice. I love the simplicity and elegance of the mirrored vessels and white orchids. Topped with golden branches, red dogwood, pine greens and snow, Christmas arrangements are always my favorite to make. Enjoy!!


Amy and Jason

_mg_2209eI’ve been working with Jason from 1976 inc. on creating a shopping page for Space Designs  website. I will soon have terrariums, DIY kits and “Air Plant” of the month subscriptions available for purchase nationwide. Here’s a sneak peek of my air plant of the month photo. Amy,, is a fabulous photographer, and also Jasons better half. She’s not only been photographing pieces for Space Designs shopping page, but has been photographing our family for over a year now. We hired Amy to chronical our family over the course of a year and put together a hard bound book or photo album. Here are a few shots of our family  long boarding along Portlands’ gorgeous waterfront, also Stevens and my engagement party this last August.

_mg_1886engaged_162 Aengaged_131

Amy and Jason are an amazingly talented duo and great friends!! I encourage you to check out both of there websites and some great photos on Amys blog. I’ve also included in this post a link to a terrarium segment on youtube that will soon be on a national magazines website, I don’t think I can give out any more information about that yet……Enjoy!!

New York


I recently spent 4 days in New York, shopping, eating and getting great floral and design inspiration. We stayed at La Muse Hotel near Times Square and took the subway system and train, from Grand Central Station, as far as The New York Botanical Garden. newyorkflowernewyorkflower1The gardens were amazing and actually a nice treat from 3 days in the city. I realized that unless you go to Central Park your chances of touching grass or earth are very slim. The Botanical garden is on my “top 50” list for places to visit. The current fall exhibit is called Keiku, The Chrysanthemum in Japanese Art. What I fell in love with were the conservatories filled with exotic orchids, staghorn ferns and rare cacti and succulents that make there way into my terrariums.

We ate very well in New York, our two favorite restaurants were Mario Batalis Del Posto, and Prune. Steven loved the four course rum and chocolate pairing at Del Posto!delpostochocrum We also had coffee in the village and sat next to Naomi Watts and Leiv Schreiber and also ran into Paul Giametti on our way to John Derians store in The Bowery District. Both the John Derian store and the Conran Shop were on the “have to do list” and making the trek to these design icons stores was SO worth it!! My biggest score was a signed lithograph by bothchagall Marc Chagall and Picassopicasso at the Antiques annex in the village. Here’s a photo of a converted parking garage filled with antiques and junk vendors.antiqueannexEnjoy!!

Bathroom Remodel

I’ve just spent the last 3 months remodeling the master bathroom. This remodel was probably the most rewarding and successful of all the personal home projects i’ve ever designed. It’s now infused with the charm and good bones of the 1904 architecture and well as the amenities and chic style of today. I’ve attached a few before photos for some visuals of just how awful this bathroom was. I think the original remodel was circa 1960, powder blue walls, vinyl flooring, gold speckled tiles and a wall built into a window were just a few reasons we decided to redesign the space.

My first priority was to create a space that was not only functional, but modern, elegant and as spa-esque as possible. A steam was added in the enclosed shower-tub, as well as a large limestone seat at the end of the angled bathtub. The fixtures are all Duravit and purchased from the Chown showroom in NW. The lighting was also an important design feature to me as the before bathroom had one of the worst lighting plans with some of the ugliest fixtures i’d ever seen in my life. 3” halogen cans were strategically placed as well as sconces from Lux lighting. The 12 x 18” limestone was scored on at an Ann Sacks warehouse sale more than two years ago. The fir floors, that were covered with layers of vinyl and adhesive, were restored and stained a beautiful honey color. The pink dress painting was a 1st Thursday purchase and the Russo lithograph was an antique store score…..I’ve since been on a Michelle Russo art hunt and will save my latest art addiction for another blog entry!!

The bathroom, before the remodel, had a wall built into the middle of the double windows, meaning one window was in the bathroom and the other in the master bedroom. The master bedroom is actually home to Mikola and explains the fashion collagead wall. Because the wall was taken out we were able to design a master bedroom vanity area as well as an alcove for the bed to sit in. Enjoy!!

Crazy Car

Steven and I were on a bike ride the other day, on our way to Andina for the best Pina Coladas in town, and spotted this greenhouse on wheels. The photo is actually taken on my iphone, pretty good quality I think, and was parked in Old Town. I almost crashed into the biker in front of me as I did a double take on this fabulous VW van. The interior of the car has a sink, potting bench and is also tricked out with shutters and shag carpet, pretty stylish…..I think I’ll turn my Land Rover into a traveling terrarium…..?? Enjoy!!