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Christmas Space Design style!

Here are a few photos of  Christmas projects that I did last week. Happy Holidays!

I love Janes Vanity!

Ace lobby

Very tall dogwood at Covet

Holiday orchid arrangement

Ilex and poinsettias at Nostrana


Pre-order your holiday arrangements!

I’m now taking pre-orders for both Thanksgiving and holiday floral centerpieces and orchid arrangements. Space Design specializes in beautiful contemporary arrangements using unique floral selections and unconventional blooms!IMG_0077And don’t forget, Terrariums make excellent Christmas gifts!


Country Wedding

The wedding of Gabe and Hana was set in a wooded meadow on 20 acres overlooking the Clackamas River. Besides having a beautiful country setting and theme, the bride and groom looked amazing and very much in love! This was by far the most fun i’ve had at a wedding due to the fact that everyone involved was grateful, excited and truly happy to be there. Enjoy!

The Bride & Groom

The Bride & Groom



The cutest ring bearer ever

The cutest ring bearer ever

I love her Adam Arnold dress

I love her Adam Arnold dress


This work is by Holly Senn, showing at the 23 Sandy Gallery in September. She’ll be speaking at the gallery on September 26th at 5:00 about her current exhibit. I just became intrigued and inspired by paper sculptures and would like to try my hand at cylinders made from old books. Below are a few photos of a beautiful table that was set for an event at the Cleaners this week, along with some great paper sculptures. Also tagged is an amazing blog that i’ve been hooked on,full of great images, concepts and ideas. Enjoy!



Recent Projects


Here are photos of a few projects from May and the first part of June. Enjoy!


Succulent bowl and bullet planter

Succulent bowl and bullet planter

50's bullet planter close-up

50's bullet planter close-up

Spring bouquet for Lisa

Spring bouquet for Lisa

Fenouil planter close-up

Fenouil planter close-up

Sweet little arrangement at Nostrana

Sweet little arrangement at Nostrana

15' Tall manzanita branches at Nostrana

15' Tall manzanita branches at Nostrana

Fun orange planter with Corokia at Lizard Lounge

Fun orange planter with Corokia at Lizard Lounge

Covet and Crave

My new favorite Portland boutique is Covet. If you haven’t checked it out you should! I recently made this willow basket for the stores one year anniversary party. The fan tailed willow basket is filled with tall mother-in-law tongue, yellow bromeliads and an assortment of airplants and mosses. Besides being virtually maintenance free, it’s a pretty stunning covet

covet1piece that looks fabulous in this beautiful boutique.

The new Portland Crave book is out, featuring over 100 women owned businesses and female entrepreneurs. I have this unique and stylish guidebook for sale at Space Design, a photo of Space Designs page is below. Enjoy!space_design

Taste of the Nation

I had a few restaurants involved at the annual Taste of the Nation this past Monday  at Luxe Auto in N.E. Portland. Below are a few floral arrangements for the event. I wrapped the inside of the vessels with tea leaves and tied small succulents to the outside of the vase. I like how the arrangements reflect the restaurants point of view, Nostrana is very rustic, fresh and in-season while Fenouil is tailored and fancy.  I love how these turned out!



Yesterday was another floral day with more than twenty arrangements for a private event at the Lucier. Today I’m gearing up to make 46 arrangements for the Indie Wine Fest this Saturday as well as 3 custom pieces for my favorite boutique Covet. Enjoy!






Beautiful Interior


I’ve been working on the interior of a 1950’s mid-century ranch for over 4 months. It just came together within the last few weeks as the majority of furniture was delivered and installed. The Lee sofas were upholstered in this cozy and brilliant orange textile from The Whole Nine Yards, the down pillows and upholstery are from there as well. I love the fabric combination and how it compliments the tone of the mahogany wall. Both the coffee and side table are Mitchell Gold Bob Williams finds and the shetland wool carpet, that is SO soft!, is Hibernia from Ecohaus. A few other great sources for this project were Lake Grove Upholstery in Sellwood, Bedford Brown and Janus Home on Grand. Both the 3 legged chairs and the Paul Tuttle table for Baker are from Janus Home, Jeremy, the owner, is an excellent source for mid-century furniture and expertise.


I’m now on the hunt for an amazing wall sculpture and have spent countless hours on both 1st dibs and ebay. I’ve also been to every junk, vintage and mid-century store in Portland and feel like I could be a mid-century sculpture expert! Portland Modern on N.W. 21st has some great Jere wall sculptures but not a perfect fit for this interior. I’m still on the hunt so stay tuned. Enjoy!

Space Design Valentine Botanical Bar




We had a great turn out yesterday at Space Designs Valentine terrarium and orchid planting event yesterday. Mikola, my budding photographer daughter,worked as my assistant  and took these beautiful photos of the studio. She used a macro lense to capture the beauty of a red gerbera daisy and green spring tulips. Enjoy!


Nostrana Flowers

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