space design

Beautiful Interior


I’ve been working on the interior of a 1950’s mid-century ranch for over 4 months. It just came together within the last few weeks as the majority of furniture was delivered and installed. The Lee sofas were upholstered in this cozy and brilliant orange textile from The Whole Nine Yards, the down pillows and upholstery are from there as well. I love the fabric combination and how it compliments the tone of the mahogany wall. Both the coffee and side table are Mitchell Gold Bob Williams finds and the shetland wool carpet, that is SO soft!, is Hibernia from Ecohaus. A few other great sources for this project were Lake Grove Upholstery in Sellwood, Bedford Brown and Janus Home on Grand. Both the 3 legged chairs and the Paul Tuttle table for Baker are from Janus Home, Jeremy, the owner, is an excellent source for mid-century furniture and expertise.


I’m now on the hunt for an amazing wall sculpture and have spent countless hours on both 1st dibs and ebay. I’ve also been to every junk, vintage and mid-century store in Portland and feel like I could be a mid-century sculpture expert! Portland Modern on N.W. 21st has some great Jere wall sculptures but not a perfect fit for this interior. I’m still on the hunt so stay tuned. Enjoy!


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