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New York


I recently spent 4 days in New York, shopping, eating and getting great floral and design inspiration. We stayed at La Muse Hotel near Times Square and took the subway system and train, from Grand Central Station, as far as The New York Botanical Garden. newyorkflowernewyorkflower1The gardens were amazing and actually a nice treat from 3 days in the city. I realized that unless you go to Central Park your chances of touching grass or earth are very slim. The Botanical garden is on my “top 50” list for places to visit. The current fall exhibit is called Keiku, The Chrysanthemum in Japanese Art. What I fell in love with were the conservatories filled with exotic orchids, staghorn ferns and rare cacti and succulents that make there way into my terrariums.

We ate very well in New York, our two favorite restaurants were Mario Batalis Del Posto, and Prune. Steven loved the four course rum and chocolate pairing at Del Posto!delpostochocrum We also had coffee in the village and sat next to Naomi Watts and Leiv Schreiber and also ran into Paul Giametti on our way to John Derians store in The Bowery District. Both the John Derian store and the Conran Shop were on the “have to do list” and making the trek to these design icons stores was SO worth it!! My biggest score was a signed lithograph by bothchagall Marc Chagall and Picassopicasso at the Antiques annex in the village. Here’s a photo of a converted parking garage filled with antiques and junk vendors.antiqueannexEnjoy!!


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