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Bathroom Remodel

I’ve just spent the last 3 months remodeling the master bathroom. This remodel was probably the most rewarding and successful of all the personal home projects i’ve ever designed. It’s now infused with the charm and good bones of the 1904 architecture and well as the amenities and chic style of today. I’ve attached a few before photos for some visuals of just how awful this bathroom was. I think the original remodel was circa 1960, powder blue walls, vinyl flooring, gold speckled tiles and a wall built into a window were just a few reasons we decided to redesign the space.

My first priority was to create a space that was not only functional, but modern, elegant and as spa-esque as possible. A steam was added in the enclosed shower-tub, as well as a large limestone seat at the end of the angled bathtub. The fixtures are all Duravit and purchased from the Chown showroom in NW. The lighting was also an important design feature to me as the before bathroom had one of the worst lighting plans with some of the ugliest fixtures i’d ever seen in my life. 3” halogen cans were strategically placed as well as sconces from Lux lighting. The 12 x 18” limestone was scored on at an Ann Sacks warehouse sale more than two years ago. The fir floors, that were covered with layers of vinyl and adhesive, were restored and stained a beautiful honey color. The pink dress painting was a 1st Thursday purchase and the Russo lithograph was an antique store score…..I’ve since been on a Michelle Russo art hunt and will save my latest art addiction for another blog entry!!

The bathroom, before the remodel, had a wall built into the middle of the double windows, meaning one window was in the bathroom and the other in the master bedroom. The master bedroom is actually home to Mikola and explains the fashion collagead wall. Because the wall was taken out we were able to design a master bedroom vanity area as well as an alcove for the bed to sit in. Enjoy!!


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