space design

Hallway Remodel

We’ve recently finished a much needed hallway remodel. The project began in the bathroom, photos to follow soon, and spilled into the formal entry and staircase, the second floor hallway and the main stairway. It started with the removal of vintage grass cloth wallpaper, with 3 coats of paint, 30 year old carpet, yuck!! and some funky home depot lighting, even worse than the carpet! The before photo is at the bottom of the main staircase where a door once was. The door is long gone but some funky architecture remained, we did some minor demo to clean it up and bring our hallway into the 21st century. The wall paint is a favorite of mine, Graceful Gold from Miller, and the lighting from LUX. The brown wool carpeting was a great choice as this staircase gets some HEAVY use.

I had the honor of doing the flowers for Leah and Landons wedding at The Grand Lodge in Forest Grove this week. Instead of typical floral centerpieces a nature table was constructed in the banquet room. Enjoy!!


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