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I’ve decided that I’m a horrible blogger. I have great ideas and intentions but lack the time and discipline to actually sit down and write!! I’m working on SO much at Space Design these days and have enjoyed taking the weekend off to paint my bathroom. More photos and that blog entry soon……??

I’ve been using Eremurus in my bouquets lately and am thinking that its bloom season is coming to an end very soon. Eremurus is my favorite “modern” flower that comes into season in early June and is gone in the blink of an eye. Eremurus is more commonly known as the fox tail lily and is a bulb that grows all over the world and originated in Central Asia. Eremurus bulbs grow in Oregon and the dramatic flowers can reach up to 12′.  Here are a few photos of recent Fenouil arrangements and the photo at the top of the page is an arrangement in my home, I love the shape and color of the Anthropolie vase and the tillandsia that are

resting against the deer antlers.

I had a great visit with Sunset magazine a few weeks ago and spent the morning shooting a terrarium “how to”, for an upcoming web profile on Space Design. The crew works for Cottage Living, Coastal Living, Southern Accents and Souther Living as well as Time and Sunset. Here’s a photo of the crew and I, there were actually 11 people involved in the shoot……..Space Design is hardly 500 square feet so you can imagine how cozy we all were. Any way it was a blast and I’m excited to preview the interview! Enjoy!!


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