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I recently spent a fun filled morning with J Schwanke, of ubloom tv, and his crew. J is an amazing floral designer who grew up in a 100 year old floral design family. His parents inherited the midwest floral business that is now in its 110th year! His family not only lived and breathed flowers they grew them in there family greenhouses as well…… This sounds like my dream life…. growing and using the flowers from your own greenhouse and being able to pick and use just what you need for the specific day, event or client. is a great web based television show about all things floral. The segment that was filmed at Space Design studio was about my signature style, a little out of the ordinary and over the top, with a big focus on terrariums and orchids. The studio was gorgeous and I filled it with all things Northwest, from 5′ birch tubes, to carpets of cushion moss layered with tillandsia. I hope you check out and stay tuned for Space Designs TV debut. Enjoy!!
I’ve attached a photo of the current dining room arrangement at Nostrana. The moss covered maple branches are about 15′ tall and look stunning in the barn like setting of Nostrana. I’ll be sending arrangements with Kathy Whims, who has a great cover on Spaces this month, to the James Beard awards in New York city next week…….more on that and photos later!! Enjoy!!


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  1. * Carolyn says:

    I look forward to your Pearl event Thursday. Let me know where you and your sister-in-law will be. What are the hours?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago

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