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I’ve been slowly doing some much needed repairs and updates on my home. One of my New Years plans was to check off 5 small projects from my VERY long house project list and have them finished before summer. I decided to start by having my hallway and landing wallpaper removed and the walls prepped for more paper and paint. I’m also going to replace all of the lighting on the second floor as well as turn the hallway into an art gallery of the childrens art work and mikolas photography. I decided on the Osborne & Little ” Wild Chrysanthemum ” for the attic and master floor stairway. Today I’m laboring over that perfect hallway color and seem to love orange! Here are a few before photos as well as the finished attic stairway. Enjoy!paper.jpgwallpaper3.jpg wallpaper11.jpgwallpaper2.jpg


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  1. * Mikola says:

    Looks great!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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