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Christmas Events and Parties

 crafting.jpg dylanmarley.jpgamaryllis.jpgdebme.jpggiftexchange.jpgsanta.jpggiftbags.jpgThis Holiday season has been filled with SO many fun parties, events and gatherings that I don’t know where to begin. My sister and I hosted our annual Solstice party a few days ago. Here are a few shots of our fun filled party and our crafty friends. We had an amazing time eating, gifting and crafting and spent most of the night passing sweet little baby Dylan around. He’s pictured here with his new acorn hat hand knit by Aunt Debby. Our family visited Santa Claus this year for our annual Santa photo and then delivered home baked treats to the homeless and needy. We had a great time listening to Christmas carols and baking gingerbread cookies and rice krispie treats. Here’s a photo of Fran and Mikola filling bags with truffles, oreos, oranges and baked goods. The kids had so much fun doing this  good deed that we all decided to turn it into a monthly event. It should be interesting to see how this evolves and what it’s turned into by next Christmas? Enjoy!! 


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