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Blogging Blues!

I’ve been making some changes to my website recently and decided to log onto my blog page from my website. I was so surprised that I hadn’t posted a blog in more than 3 weeks!! I spent most of the week before last on Kauai, and the majority of last week catching up and filling orders, so maybe that explains the lost time? I have so many orchid orders as well as Orchid of the Month clients that I was able to place a large wholesale order from a great little orchid house on the Big Island. Here’s a picture of my entry way after Sofia and I unpacked the order of all white, extra tall dendrobiums.orchidsentry.jpg
I spent about 6 hours in the studio making dendrobium arrangements today and am loving the combination of dendrobiums with birch tips. I have a new floral client in the Pearl District and am was so inspired by the way the birch is so perfectly draping that I’m going to do a wall of extra tall, 6′, arrangements in tall glass hurricaines for the restaurants entry. The birch is really at it’s peek now, the last few weeks of fall, when it’s dropped it’s leaves and is starting to develop it’s buds for next year, it’s really quite stunning as a stand alone in large glass cylinders as well.
Here’s a roller dancing photo of myself at Oaks Park. Sofia celebrated her 12th birthday last week and took about 10 of her friends there for a party. I think I’ll ask Santa for roller dancing lessons this year! rollerskating1.jpg


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