space design

White Flowers

White flowers are my all time favorite, I’d like to design a lily that looks just like this oriental but has zero fragrance. I L.O.V.E the classic, elegant and clean look of these white blooms but if you get more than one stem in any enclosed space, besides a bathroom, they’re really just a bit too overpowering. I’ve had this bouquet of orientals in my studio all week and have nearly passed out from the fumes! I’ve been using a lot of white in my work these days and have a farmer cutting pompous grass by the bundle for me. It’s one of those plants that i’ve never paid any attention too but is becoming one of my favorites. It must be the silkyness of the bloom and that creamy white that attracts me to it, the height of 9 – 10 feet is fabulous as well. I’m not sure why I have this sudden love of white but it must have to do with simplicity and elegance. I’ve always wanted an all white garden but haven’t had the time to design and plant one, it seems like something I might aim for in my retirement years? But who knows, with my sudden love of all things white and this balmy weather it may happen sooner. Enjoy!


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