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I’m just back from an amazing and extremely relaxing vacation on Kauai. Our days were filled with snorkeling, boogie boards and even surfing! Okay, I didn’t actually surf but it was fun to watch Steven try and teach the kids. I quickly got into that perfect Hawaiian groove and the time that wasn’t spent in the water was spent devouring books and magazines. The books I read were Running with Scissors, a bit on the strange side, and The Kitchen Boy, a beautifully written story about the last days of the Romanovs in Siberia. The magazines I read, from cover to cover I might add, were Architectural Digest, Met Home, House Beautiful, Blueprint, Domino, Garden Design and Living. I know the list seems abundant but having the time to read and become inspired by not only the amazing interiors but the photography and writing is what lounging on the beach is all about. I have to admit that I’m one to first scope out the flowers and arrangements in these perfectly styled rooms and always wonder if the people in these pictures have a year round floral designer or if the rooms were styled with arrangements for the shoot. I’m lucky to have those year round clients who style there homes and appreciatte the beauty of year round blooms on there dining room and bedside tables.
Here’s a few photos of some fun and very simple arrangements of floating dahlias. I have an abundance of orange dahlias in my garden this year and have been floating them in fish bowls with a bit of bear grass for contrast. Enjoy!


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