space design

New stairs for La Villa Nepeta

I L.O.V.E. my new staircase, not only is it gorgeous but it’s extremely practical as well. The stairs lead to what will some day be either a classic conservatory….. I’m running out of orchid space, or a wisteria covered pergola. It’s currently the roof above my studio and just off of the orchid room. Up until last week there has never been access to the roof, interesting that it took someone 103 years to build this. Although there has never been access to the roof we have always climbed up another nearby staircase and jumped over onto the platform, super fun and a bit dangerous for the little girls. What I love the most about the stairs are the plantings of paddle plants and grasses. The color combination of deep green and burgundy look amazing with the moss colored stain. The “stain” is a product by Benjamin Moore that is a semi-solid stain that shows the grain of the wood and is fairly translucent. I choose clear grained cedar for the sided planter boxes and really wanted to see the grain of the wood without the typical wood stain.
The last picture includes my contractor Harry, he’s truly an old school carpenter with an amazing eye for perfection and craftsmanship!


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