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Shell shopping in Hawaii

tillandsia-closeup.jpgI was in Hawaii a few years ago and was flipping through an outdated copy of House Beautiful over my morning tea. I stumbled upon this great story about a couple who designed there entire home around this rare and exotic shell collection that had taken them decades to collect. The story completely intrigued me and within a few hours of reading the article I found myself in a wholesale shell warehouse. This isn’t just any shell warehouse mind you, this is a building that spans at least two football fields with rows and rows of every shell imaginable! I’ve been back 3 times over the last 2 years and have formed a great friendship with the owners. Here’s a shot of me, I feel like a kid in a candy store, and probably look like one too.shells.
After my whirlwind Hawaii trip, it was back to work as usual. I was hired to transform a non-discript warehouse space into a swanky night club scene for the launch of the Oregonians new food & wine magazine that premiers in September. I filled bistro tables with purple sea urchins and fillifolia tillandsia, and lined the window sills with 36” tall moss filled hurricanes. The hurricanes had lichen covererd branches extending more than 15′ and hanging from the branches were red and pink ionantha tillandsia, It was so, so stunning. The stage, bar and buffet were staged with fish bowl terrariums filled with new and unusual shells from my trip.


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