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Way to go Portland!

vandacloseup.jpgOne of my daily pleasures is to sit with a cup of tea, okay it’s a pint glass with a double black tea bag and loads of milk and sugar, and sit in my orchid room with a good book or magazine. I usually start my work day before 6:00, so by 4:00 a little r&r is a must. While I was lounging and reading the June issue of Elle Decor I was surprised to find a 7 page spread on ” The capital of boho chic, Portland, Oregon! It’s a very informative piece on Portlands history as well as the Portland essentials of where to stay and what to do. I was happy to see many of my favorite clients and businesses featured on page 114. I’m sure you can download the article on
Sunday is watering day at the Romero-Accuardi compound. Although it takes more than a few hours to cover the orchid room, house and studio it’s one of those Sunday morning routines that I absolutely love. Today I found 3 new spikes on some rare orchids that haven’t been in bloom since last spring. My favorite is the Encyclia Cochleata, also known as the cockleshell orchid. I’ve done a lot of research on this family of orchids as they are supposed to be the perfect beginner orchid as well as an orchid that is perpetually in bloom, I sure haven’t had that kind of luck but once it’s in bloom I’ll post a few shots of this rare and exotic beauty. This Vanda “Tokyo Blue” has been in full bloom since the beginning of the month and has a new spike forming. They are a bit on the finicky side as well as hard to water, you need to soak to roots, mine are over 2′ long, at least once per week and mist on a daily basis, with this exotic beauty it’s definitely worth it!vanda.jpg


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