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3 Doors Down get’s lucky!

orchid1.jpgIt was very hard to part with this arrangement! The paph gigantum is probably my favorite orchid in the world, It will continue to grow in height and will have at least 5 blooms that last for over a month. I recently went to the Oregon Orchid Societies annual orchid show and almost fainted when I saw a fifty year old paph gigantum planted in an old terra cotta pot. The plant looked like it was in continual bloom and had 4 spikes with over twenty flowers, too bad I didn’t have my camera with me that day! Here’s a great photo of the current arrangement at 3 Doors Down Cafe. I used an extra large burl bowl with small mushrooms poked into the mood moss as the underplanting and the spike is held up by a japanese maple branch.3doorsdown1.jpg
I f you haven’t checked out 3 Doors Down yet you should! They have a great website and current menus posted at and are located at 1429 SE 37th, just off of Hawthorne. The interior of 3 Doors Down is spectacular, Kathy used to work as an interior designer, and the food is out of this world!!


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