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I love this weather

I am absolutely loving this weather!! My orchids are thriving and I have 8 plants with new blooms on them! I’ve been too busy to work in the garden but snuck away to portland nursery between clients yesterday. I bought a beautiful white peony with red tips to fill a small hole in my front garden. The peony will be underplanted with japanese blood grass, I think the red of the grass and the red of the peony will be stunning! I also picked up an egyptian papyrus to plant in my pond, I’ve tried water cabbage as well as water hyacinth and both are great appetizers for our house racoons and there new babies.
The Indie Wine Festival was a blast! Steven and I tried some great wine and purchased some amazing splits from Columbia Valley. The Amore dalla vina Semillion was our absolute favorite!indie-at-the-ace.jpg
The industry tasting took place at The Ace, here’s a great shot of the founder, Lisa, on the far right, and a few of her friends.
I’ve been busily making custom orchid arrangements for Mothers Day, here’s a photo of a sweet little phal with mounding moss.
I’m off to the flower market to pick up dozens of antique white roses for a private Mothers Day event I’m doing. I’m planning on great gardening and fabulous weather on Mothers Day!mothers-day.jpg


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