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About Me

About Me
My top ten list:
Family and friends
My falcos
black tea with milk and sugar
La Mer’s miracle cream
My lr3
Layers of cashmere sweaters
io’s magical healing balm
Nostranas pizza sofia
Love letters

20 things about me:
I’m a libra
I was named after my grandmothers Martha and Lorene
I have 2 daughters
My partner has 2 sons and 1 daughter
We’re one shy of being the brady bunch, but we have 3 cat’s
I live and work in a 1904 Queen Anne in Lair Hill
Willamette week named us “ portlands best hot house” in 06-07
I’m the youngest of 5 children
I love orchids
I grow orchids
I arrange orchids
I teach orchid seminars
I have over 100 orchids in my collection
My current favorite orchid is a papheopedilum pinochio
I’ve had a blooming paph for over a year, it’s on it’s 16 flower, with 3 new blooms behind it.
I have an orchid growing room off of my living room
I’ve been named the “ orchid whisperer “ by kaie wellman of Portland
I have an orchid of the month club
I love to garden
I love too many plants to name a favorite, a few of my favorites are Japanese forest grass, passion flower, white dinner plate dahlias, euphorbia wulfenii, tetrapanax and gunnera
My favorite tree is a magnolia
I love to cook
I like trying new restaurants and Portland is a perfect city to do that in.
My favorite restaurant is Nostrana, current restaurant of the year
I moved to an Eskimo village when I was twelve
I’ve lived in 15 homes in 3 states and 2 continents
One a historic mount tabor mansion, one a 400 sq ft studio
My best friend Shannon and I have known each other for 18 years

Here’s a few things that really bother me:
plastic bags
people who don’t say “ bless you “ after a sneeze
bad manners
Twist ties and butterfly clips to hold up orchid stems


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